News from ADA - reposted from Newsletter

Hello! As you may know from broadcasting, northern part of Japan including
Niigata, where ADA office and Nature Aquarium Gallery is located was hit by the
massive earthquake on March 11th. We really appreciate for all the compassion
sent from planted aquarium hobbyists in the world and would like to express
our heartfelt sympathy if there is any of your loved one who has hurt in the

At the Nature Aquarium Gallery, some water spilled out from the tank and wet
the floor, but the Gallery and the aquarium tanks at the Gallery were not
damaged or broken by this earthquake. Our infrastructure or lifeline
utilities also have not been damaged in Niigata. But due to the earthquake,
many power plants in northeastern part of Japan stopped operation. As the
power supply to the area affected by earthquake has been recovering, we have
to share the limited supply of electricity with those areas. So our electric
power company decided to shut off the power supply for a few hours a day in
the area NOT affected by the earthquake in order to prioritize the relief
activity in northeastern part of Japan. So called "planned blackout" is
scheduled to continue until the power plants restarts their operation.

From above reasons, we decided to close our Nature Aquarium Gallery
temporarily for a while. The closing period depends on the recovery situation
of the infrastructure etc., so re-opening information will be announced on our
website. Please visit our Nature Aquarium Gallery once it re-opens. The
International Aquatic Plants Contest 2011 will be held as scheduled!



I've just recieved news from Japan Niigata, ADA Corp.'s home place, was hit by earthquake with magnitude of 6.2. Pray for Japan.